Author Topic: Guide to Cleaning Hydraulic Lifters (Tappets) XE/LET & V6  (Read 47824 times)

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Re: Guide to Cleaning Hydraulic Lifters (Tappets) XE/LET & V6
« Reply #30 on: September 05, 2013, 09:06:51 AM »
Hello there peoples i thought i might add a bit of brain power to this subject :) since iam sorta rippin some tappets out :) instead of starting up a new topic :) as above taking out your tappets,lifters, ect if you dont want to smack your lifters around and create pop corn and say what the beep! when you here something flying out, hit something then you here this clunk behind a cubbit and then you remember your abc's :) buy a cheap pair of pliers "bull noise" get a 5mm x 5mm soild square bar of alloy put it up flush at the tip of the pliers in between the gaw get a pair of vise grips and lock it on the pliers hold the alloy bar inplace get a scribber, ruler and mark from corner to corner x2 until you have a cross get a 4mm drill bit get a cordless or bench drill and drill down on your cross mark driile down until 4mm in then get a 10 to 11 mm drill bit and do the same"you might have to get a small block of wood to continue instead of the alloy bar 4mm to 5mm" once that done you have just made a nipple remover "haha sorry to the chicks out there but ya me being the creator its called a nipple remover hahaha :) " that will remove that inner plunger "little hydraulic lifter" bleeder some people call it an so on, but yah you just made yourself a tool that will remove em all every time and only take 3 seconds instead of making pop corn!! :) even though some of us like pop corn :) movies :) hot chick :) " oh dont bring out the nipple remover you might get a black eye haha unless she likes that sorta thing haha :)