Author Topic: Fuel Pump Crossgrade - Internal to External?  (Read 10028 times)

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Fuel Pump Crossgrade - Internal to External?
« on: July 09, 2014, 14:49:55 PM »
Hi - thinking about this seeing as the fuel sender's gone loopy and the fuel lines are knackered and grotty. Dropping the tank in a few weeks, so will solder that wire back to the sender, change the pipes and renew the pump at once.

My question is, is it easy to swap from an internal to an external pump? What would I need to do this? Is it even sensible? I would assume so on the basis of it being one less part to drop/move/undo other parts to get to in future, but is it more work that it's worth to cross-grade like this or is it a sensible move for the novice DIY-er?

Thanks for any help or opinions. :)
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