Author Topic: V6 SAI system deactivation.  (Read 11814 times)

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V6 SAI system deactivation.
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:37:59 AM »
Thought I'd write a little guide for this as I'm very happy with the result.

Basically my V6 has always sounded louder/rougher almost like a slight exhaust blow on cold mornings or cold starts in general and after reading some information on here from Geffd and laliiii I discovered this is due to a SAI valve opening to pump fresh air into the exhaust manifold to help the cat reach operating temperature quicker.

So basically when the valve is open (controlled by the ecu) it sounds like it's blowing. If you just unplugged the solonoid valve it would disable the system BUT give you an engine management light.

A way round this is to pull the top vacuumed pipe off the solonoid valve at the elbow and block the pipe with a self tapered to stop the vacuum leak.

Like this

Doing It this way makes the ecu still think the system is working so no EML and no SAI.

Simple thing to do and iv had a noticeable difference in how the car sounds from cold start.

If anyone tries this post on here and let me know if you can tell a difference from cold starts.

Thanks to geffed and laliiii for info on this. 

PS This is not a performance mod it is just a mod for obsessive compulsive engine/exhaust noise listeners ;D