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How to: calibra rear coilovers / turrets
« on: January 07, 2013, 21:04:58 PM »
Hola all,

Appreciate there might not be much interest, but felt I would put up a 'how to' on converting the rear of the calibra to coilovers. The coilovers I got were Gaz Gold coilovers that I got from Corby motorsport. If you contact them ask for someone called Mark then you can tell him what you want and he custom makes them. Due to having a track setup then I opted for stiff 375lb springs, a normal choice would be around 200lb.  This is how they came and are custom fit to the calibra upper and lower damper mounting points

The coilovers will fit in the standard damper locations but this is not recommended without modification. What you need to consider is that the normal weight of the rear of the car goes through the spring, mounted between the rear wishbone and the chassis leg. Converting to coilovers means that the weight of the car is now through the damper mounting locations, that were not designed to take the weight of the car. For this reason then the rear damper mountings have to be strengthened by effectively building a strengthened box that is welded to the area, this is called 'turreting'

standard rear damper mounting point

modification requires some 2mm steel (preferred thickness), welder, metal cutter (jigsaw), wire brush / grinding disk and a hammer, as well as something to make a template with (card / scissors / pen etc)

first make a template for the turret.

cut template shape out of steel and bend it to replicate the template

cut off the top of the original mount to make it flat and grind back to metal where the turret welds to the wheelarch

make a top plate that will touch the top of the damper mount without a gap, then drill a hole that aligns with the original damper hole.  When complete, weld the top to the outer template

then weld to the car and paint :)

and how it looks when finished

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Re: How to: calibra rear coilovers / turrets
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2013, 11:39:14 AM »
Very nice !!! then coilovers are too nice to be on the car.....I would polish them daily and hang them on the liveningroom  wall Lil