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Guide: Storm Wiper Conversion - Fitting
« on: November 22, 2010, 21:43:49 PM »
I know these are quite simple tasks but you never know if they are useful to someone so I'll carry on sticking them up unless someone begs me to stop. :-\
To gain access to the wiper motor and linkage you need to remove the skuttle panel. First remove the wiper arm covers and remove the nuts (13mm) holding the arms on to the spindles.

Lift the arms off the spindles and then remove the large plastic nut and washer.

Then remove the rubber seal holding the scuttle panel on the the bulkhead and lift the panel up. The panel also clips on the bulkhead underneath the windscreen seal. Once removed, this will reveal the linkage assembly

The next job is to detach the power lead supplying the wiper motor. It is held on to the carrier by a small black clip which the plug slides off in the direction of the nearside of the engine bay.

The carrier assembly is held in place by three 8mm bolts

Before you remove the assembly take out the pollen filter. This cannot be replaced as the new linkage sits in the filter tray usuially occupied by the filter.
Withdraw the assembly towards the offside end of the bulhead.

The next step is to remove the original linkage assembly from the carrier which is held in place by two circlips on the wiper arm spindles and an 13mm nut which attaches the linkage to the wiper motor. Make sure you remember the order of any 'o' rings etc before you pull the linkage out of the sleeve so they go back in the same order!!!

It is virtually impossible to undo the wiper motor spindle nut without moving the motor position especially if it's been on a while but don't worry too much about this as it will need to be reset before re-installation.
Here is the original linkage removed from the carrier.

Below is the carrier with the motor removed

At this point you need to start building up the new linkage onto the original carrier. The wiper arm spindle on the new linkage has four grooves, if your carrier sleeve is 50mm long you will need to install the bottom circlip on the third groove on the spindle, if the sleeve is the longer 65mm version then use the 4th groove.

Lubricate the new shaft and then replace any 'o' rings and washers and then slide the spindle back into the carrier sleeve (cue mood music etc)
Then replace the top washers and 'o' ring and then clip the top circlip into place to hold the spindle in the carrier sleeve. 50mm sleeve will need the circlip on the 2nd groove, the 65mm sleeve will mean you use the top groove.
Before you attach the other end of the linkage assembly to the spindle motor check that the linkage is the right way round. The cantilever arms on the spindle end of the linkage should form an 'X'

If it doesn't then you have it inside out and you will need to rotate it around to resolve.
You can now push the other end over the wiper motor spindle. However, don't tighten the nut yet as you will need to check the position of the motor before securing the linkage to it.
Reconnect the plug and put the wipers on constant wipe and then turn them off to ensure the motor completes the normal cycle and then 'parks' (keep your fingers away from the linkage while it's moving!
Then tighten up the spindle motor nut ensuring you don't rotate the spindle. Then repeat the exercise of running the wipers and note the two extreme positions of the linkage so that you can work out where to position the arm when you re-install.
The instructions that Storm provide claim that you can adjust the 'parked' position of the wiper arm once you have installed the assembly but you bloody can't as you can't access the wiper motor spindle nut as it's now underneath the carrier!
It's worth installing the wiper arm and ensuring it parks in the correct postion BEFORE you re-install the scuttle panel as it's a pain in the arse to have to remove it again when you cock it up (speaks from experience)
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Re: Storm Wiper Conversion - fitting
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2010, 21:49:57 PM »
Single wiper wouldn't be my cup of tea but i love these guides. Nice job mate, i'm sure it will be very useful to anyone planning to do this 8)

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Re: Guide: Storm Wiper Conversion - Fitting
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2010, 22:29:48 PM »
Topic moved and title amended to suit.

Nice guide Teejay.