Author Topic: Coscast vs porous ks700 for tuning?  (Read 12853 times)

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Coscast vs porous ks700 for tuning?
« on: November 27, 2019, 09:16:21 AM »
So I saw a lot of posts about whether the Coscast is better than Ks700 with porous mod, but I couldn't find a single one regarding a tuned c20let. So my question is, for a tuned c20let (5-600hp) is Coscast worth it then? Or is porous modded ks700 more than enough for that?


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Re: Coscast vs porous ks700 for tuning?
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2019, 13:44:01 PM »
Hi  :)

The main reason for the Coscast head is that as the name suggest it was cast by Cosworth.  The casting is more superior to the Vauxhall casting  which could corrode in the waterways......causing coolent leaks etc........I don't know why but the coscast may have used a better Alloy mixture when pouring the mold ........or the waterway channels were better designed.??

Cylinder heads that become pourous are good because the coolent runs through inserted metal pipes which is stronger than the Alloy coolent channels.

So taking all of this into concideration  the repaired pourous head is cost effective......and will now have the durability of the Coscast head.

Personally they are both as good at preventing coolent leaks I would  go for the repaired  head because of f the cost difference .....Also Coscast are becoming difficult to source