Author Topic: Z20LET gasket and runnig problems on a C20LET  (Read 2512 times)

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Z20LET gasket and runnig problems on a C20LET
« on: May 17, 2006, 19:15:19 PM »
Well I replaced the gasket on my LET(calibra) about few weeks ago after std gasket decided to not be strong enough for the power and blew the firing ring out.

So replaced it with a Z20LET gasket and ever since then I have had nothing but hot runnig problems and at the weekend, the car seriously over heated during the race.

I have not even got a thermo in there to try and keep the temps down, but that even didn't help and within 10 minutes of runnig engine would be runnig at 100'.

Are these gaskets straight fit for the C20LET as well?!!! as I have heard mix opinions on these. Bought them from Autovaux and fitted them with no mods apart from removing the rivot things in the corner as it was fouling against the head.

Have to take the head off again over the weekend and send away to see if its warped/cracked cos of the overheating?!!!

Then I am going to replace the gakset with a 1.8mm Espesso Racing gasket. They are steel plated gaskets, but only problem is that its for the cavalier Gsi 16v engine. Would it be ok?!!! As I thought the XE and the LET had the same head/even the block just diff internals?!!!

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Z20LET gasket and runnig problems on a C20LET
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2006, 19:22:07 PM »
Ive had a double z20let gasket fitted on my overskimmed head , running evo5 for a year no overheating problems