Author Topic: Steering noise on Calibra Turbo  (Read 395 times)

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Steering noise on Calibra Turbo
« on: October 31, 2017, 16:00:15 PM »
Hi all
I've a "gearing" noise when steering on my Clibra Turbo, usually after braking, steering wheel becomes littlebit harder to turn and I hear this "gearing" noise coming from engine bay. It seem like a bearing not lubricated. I've changed steering pump, checked for oil level, done "swosh" test and it is everything fine with TX box. Can't understand what should be this noise from steering pump
Thnx in advance for your thoughts
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Re: Steering noise on Calibra Turbo
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 00:05:19 AM »
Hi from Cc uk.

You have changed the p.a.s. Pump .....and also checked the p.a.s. Fluid levels.  And the whoosh test checks out.

My next step would be if you haven't already done so would be to put a brand new p.a.s pump belt on if it is a "V" belt and ensure that you adjust the tension correctly. If however you have a single multi groove Serpentine belt the tension is equally important.

You also should check your steering rack for any noise in operation on full left and right lock.........also check for leaks no matter how big or small.

Not forgetting to check the ball joint on the lower arms both sides.......with engine running get a helper to listen for noises as you turn the lock from side to side......A lot of force is directed onto the lower suspension arm and components while turning so any part of the cars lower suspension can generate noise if faulty.

Was the p.a.s pump a New one or a second hand one......if New or second hand it could still be causing your problems if there is an internal fault when it is under strain during driving conditions.

Finally noises really just tell us something is not right.......worse case it could mean something is about to break and fail.

Steering is as important as car brakes and both could be potentially leathal and dangerous......You are right  and wise to ask questions.

If you find you are unable to fix it yourself.....I would seek advice from a garage mechanic.....Safety is paramount.

Kind regards