Author Topic: Opel Calibra C20XE M2.8 Losing power/stalls randomly  (Read 3028 times)

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Opel Calibra C20XE M2.8 Losing power/stalls randomly
« on: June 29, 2020, 15:03:19 PM »
Hello everyone! =)
What can be wrong with my car if it's suddenly just losing power while driving (normally at lower speeds, it has happened many times that way what I remember), sometimes it's just losing power/dies while driving, if I hit down hard once it happens on the gaspedal and goes up to higher speeds it goes back to normal/gets power and don't stalls. I can start the engine Immediately after if I just let it die. This happens irregular which sucks.
I have used OP-COM and I got faultcodes, 93 Hall Sensor Voltage low and 13 02 Sensor 1 Open circuit. Can these codes cause these symptoms?

I looked in the codereader and saw that the maf/afm sensor values was not acting up right, the values it should be from this site code 73 in the list, (this code did not come up in op-com) it says it should be "Normal idle value is between 0.56 and 0.86 volts DC. This equates to 8 - 18 kg/hr air mass flow." but I have 21 kg/h and 0.96 volt, this can't be a good sign right? Can a faulty AFM cause these symptoms I have? (The engine has rough idle to sometimes) I was also looking up the MAF sensor values from this site Opel Astra Service And Repair Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (for the early 20xe engines m2.5 ecu values) and the values there is
ignition on 1.40
idle 1.90 to 2.25
snap accelerate 3.00+

I know that the early 20xe engine with m2.5 and the later c20xe engines m2.8 don't have the same mafs and other things, does somone know what the right values should be, does my maf have the same values as the v6 calibra c25xe/x25xe engine because they look the same, or do I have the same values as the m2.5 ecu, early 20xe maf sensor?
I also wonder if someone know if the the later c20xe engines with m2.8 has a Service And Repair Manual as the early 20xe engines m2.5? I did find the V6 calibra site but, but that's for the v6 calibra. Greetings

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Re: Opel Calibra C20XE M2.8 Losing power/stalls randomly
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2020, 22:04:07 PM »
As most Calibra owners have by now, a spare sensor for everything on the engine - the reason being they are 30 year old electronics and tend to fail in the most bizarre way you can imagine. I for one have spent the last two weeks tracking down a fault code and it came down to this. The lambda sensor came up as a fault just once, but it had shorted down to earth through the heating element, taken out the fuel pump relay and I swapped the fuel pump for a "good" one only to find it had seized whilst it had been stored..........

You need to check your alternator first (and battery guarantee date) as 30 year old alternators go off and on (and spike the 12V), until they fail completely. If it is original change it anyway now before it leaves you at the roadside waiting for that £1 a mile recovery truck. After that your coil, if original bin that too, your spark leads if their old bin them. Your AFM sensor replace it with an original Bosch unit, a new one with a hologram on the box. Ditto your lambda sensor, if it's original it will be toast by now. the hall sensor is the one on the distributor or cam? I am not familiar with Motronic 2.5 ECU but if the sensor is orignal....changing it will rule it out. If this was a 'new' car then I wouldn't replace so many things but if they are original from the early '90s you had your money's worth.