Author Topic: Need help with fuel system VW Beetle  (Read 314 times)

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Need help with fuel system VW Beetle
« on: June 21, 2010, 15:53:57 PM »
Not really Opel related, but need some advice. I've got a " 66 Beetle which has a LPG system installed, so I need to instal a electrical fuel cut-off  valve into the petrol line to stop the petrol going to the carb and switch to LPG.

Since the Beetle runs a mechanical fuel pump, which always stays on, I installed the cut-off valve between the fuel pump and the carburator. The cut-off valve also has " return " line, which originally goes back to the petrol tank, so the fuel pump won't run dry when changing to LPG. The problem is the Beetle only has a single " feed line " towards the fuel pump, since LPG ain't original, no return petrol line was needed.

So I have been thinking if I connect the return from the cut-off valve with a T split back onto the feed line, can it work without having to lay an actual return line towards the petrol tank?

This was my idea:

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