Author Topic: my spluttering problems ive had with my turbo  (Read 1883 times)

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my spluttering problems ive had with my turbo
« on: May 13, 2006, 19:37:23 PM »
well guys the latest to the problem i had with my calibra turbo with the loss of power and spluttering(was a long thread on the old forum)
a good m8 of mine had the keys this weekend for the garage that he works in so told me to come down and well get the cally up on the there and struggled to get it on as its so low lol but got it on in the end.and to my horra it was pissin out petrol from the rear the return petrol line had rotted away just below the pump so we cut a big section of the pipe off and fitted a new line,was also told that could of been the cause of the spluttering ie low petrol pressure.also spotted my full scorpian exhaust had started to rot and came away in 3 places so we spot welded it to cover me for a while till i get a new exhaust system(i thought scorpian had a lifetime gallintee)then he had a good look around in the engine bay and found 3 diff pipes not conected up rightly(last owner wired up the dump valve all wrong and botched up all the pipework)so he sorted all that out for me aswell.

so 40 miles later the car hasnt missed a beat no spluttering yet lol and now idles at 1300-1400 instead of anything from 1500 to 2000