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« on: September 30, 2006, 13:17:03 PM »
Could someone PLEASE HELP Me...i really need to know ASAP:
2 things: what does a cam angle sensor do?
and, recently iv got my cam belt replaced and the mechanic stuffed it it (as some people on here may remember;P) anyway, i took it back because he had put the timing on he inlet (i fink it was) one tooth out and it was starting sh*t (lucky it didnt do any other damage) anyway, i took it back, and hes put the timing PERFECT and its still not starting right, what could it be? i sorta wants to start right, but then it backfires sorta, and sorta misses...its hard to explain...anyway, could anyone help me, i wana get it sorted asap so that i can get the bloody thing on the road;P