Author Topic: Fault Code - 75 Torque control - voltage low (Transmission Switch) HELP?  (Read 789 times)

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Hello Team,
Well I'm still fixing up my previously neglected Calibra, but it seems every time i fix one fault code some new code pops up. all good tho, I've fixed them all with great help from, but this code has got me stumped.
Fault code - 75 Torque control - voltage low (Transmission Switch)... now i have a 91, with a C20NE Auto. Yeah i know... there's the problem it's an auto. all jokes aside how do i resolve this?
i can't seem to find it in my Haynes manual and Holden don't want anything to do with it. but is this just a sensor i can replace? (if so i would love a part number and photo of it's location) or is it something more.

any help would be great.
thanks in advance


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Re: Fault Code - 75 Torque control - voltage low (Transmission Switch) HELP?
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Hello Again,
After much research i may have found the problem to the fault code i before mentioned.

Torque Control sends Signal to retard ignition and thus reduce torque during each change, thus giving smooth sequence. So i had a look at the ignition system and it appears the coil is missing a cable.

The bottom cable is plugged in, there is a spot for another cable above it. now i do have a spare pair of cables in the engine bay loom that doesn't connect to anything. but the termination type doesn't fit the the spare coil plug. Basically I'm hoping someone can tell me what colour the cables are for my spare spot and their termination pattern. (eg brown/green:left, brown:right)

thanks for your time everyone.