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Engine Codes
« on: November 04, 2009, 00:50:17 AM »

C20NE - 2.0 8v 4-cylinder

This is easily spotted by being the smallest engine you find in a Calibra. The cylinder head is thinner than others, as it's only got one cam, being a SOHC configuration.


20XE or C20XE - 2.0 16v 4-cylinder DOHC

These are wrongly known as "redtops". This is misleading, as not all of them have the distinctive red spark plug cover. Some of them are black and say "Vauxhall", some of them even say "ecotec". So it's best to call them C20XE's or just an XE.

The easy giveaway is if the spark-plug cover is L-shaped, it's a 20XE or C20XE. The main difference between the two engines is the 20XE is the very early engine, with no cat or lambda sensor. Later C20XE engines went through several changes, eg switching from distributor to dispack ignition. The picture shows a late XE with the dispack.


C25XE / X25XE - 2.5 V6 24v

Most Calibra V6's are the earlier C25XE engine. Some late V6's are the X25XE which is a very similar engine.


C20LET - 2.0 16v 4-cylinder DOHC turbo

These are found in the Calibra Turbo only. As with the C20XE, some will be badged as an ecotec (see picture), but this is irrelevant, they are still a C20LET.


X20XEV - 2.0 16v 4-cylinder DOHC ecotec

These are the only true "ecotec" engines in the Calibra, found on later models of the car. Note the straight spark plug cover, the best way of identifying the engine as an ecotec.