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Title: Calibra heated seats PROBLEM
Post by: Wolfen on September 17, 2019, 18:26:49 PM
Hello all Calibra fans.

First sorry about my english i'll try to explane how much i can :D

My Calibra X20XEV '95 have heated seats and there is the problem. When i put ONLY one seat warming up, battery lamp on dashboard it starts to glow slightly veeeeery low (you can see only in night) but when i put on aotherone ON (both) light intensifies.   

When i put lights, fog light, CD player, steam ( on 4 ) every one possible consumator (w/o seats heated), battery lamp do not light!! multimeter show 13.9-13.8 but when we put seat heated on show 13.7-13.6

We tested car battey with multimeter and everything is ok with battery and alternator. I check wires under seats and everything is ok with them, do not have broken wire or something like that.

Btw before 2,3 days ago i going to guys who work with wires and car instalation, he check battery with and w/o consumators and he say everything is perfect with battery/alternator i dont have reasont to worry.... yes but that lamp on dashboard worry me :D. Sorry for long post i hope you understand my bad english. Greetings  :P
Title: Re: Calibra heated seats PROBLEM
Post by: CalibraTurbo666 on September 22, 2019, 19:55:29 PM
My old K reg Calibra did this, very very dim light with one of the seats but not with 2 seats , I just got used to it never caused problems.