Author Topic: Anthony Davis is the best player on the Lakers  (Read 4092 times)

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Anthony Davis is the best player on the Lakers
« on: February 01, 2021, 09:01:11 AM »
He's only getting started in the years of his profession and with him putting up numbers like he's been, he's just going to get better, like his NBA 2K21 score. In NBA 2K21, Giannis has been rated a 97 overall. With Lebron being the highest-rated general participant the past handful of years, it is only a matter of time before someone passes his rating up Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins. However, a participant hasn't yet been rated a 98 overall since Lebron James in NBA 2K15. With that being said I understand Giannis will be a force to be reckoned with down the line, however I do not believe his rating will be higher than Lebron James'. At least not in this particular game. I understand fans can't wait to get their hands on Giannis Antetokounmpo when NBA 2K21 rolls about that September.

Even the New Orleans Pelicans are probably sick that they don't have Anthony Davis anymore. The Los Angeles Lakers have an excellent team and this year they included Davis, making them even more of a threat to win the NBA Championship. James and Davis are a dynamic duo and every team understands that when they must play with the Lakers. There are games and there are games where Anthony Davis is the best player on the Lakers. Anthony Davis, in the Lakers' first game back against the Los Angeles Clippers, managed to muster up 34 points. That night Anthony Davis was better, but both of them contributed to the team in a huge way and thus why they picked up the victory over the restarted opening night.

Lebron James has clearly had the greater one. However, at this time of the careers, I would have to provide the edge. He's younger and more agile and can still create as much and if more than Lebron James within the span of their games. Back in NBA 2K21, Anthony Davis had a 96 overall rating and was not even in the top five for overall evaluations. In reality, he had been just the 7th-best entire in NBA 2K21. I think that changes when NBA 2K21 rolls about MT 2K21. Anthony Davis deserves to at least be a 97 overall and I think what he's shown about the Los Angeles Lakers this year with his athletic and offensive talent enables him to at least boost up his rating by 1 from NBA 2K21.