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Air Con help needed
« on: May 13, 2008, 22:42:17 PM »
Sorted air con on my 94 red top last year, and it was fine for months. It used to create "frost" on top of the cylindrical bit and chuck lovely cold air through the vents. Over a few months, the air became less cold, and no frosting formed. I assumed it was the gas reducing, so decided to get it re-gassed last week. I have run system regularly (at least twice a week) through the winter. The day before I took it in for a regas, (sod's law) the light on the switch - and presumably the switch itself - stopped working. Took it in anyway, and the test showed that it was still fully gassed. Six bar pressure, and no leaks. The bloke (this is Quikfit, not a specialist) said it was due to the switch not working, and to be fair, did not charge anything for the attempted regas.
Thinking that one on/off switch is much the same as another, I took the car home and swapped the recirculation switch for the air con one. The air con switch (although not lighting up) did trigger the recirculation relay, but the recirculation one (which did light up) did not start the air con working again.
Question 1: Do the switches have a similar function, ie are they interchangeable, or is there a difference in the wiring?
Question 2: If the "replacement" switch is working, and the air con system is not, what could be wrong?
Even when the system was not "frosting", the air that came out was considerably cooler than outside air temperature, which makes me think that the system must have been working, even though not at full efficiency.
The price for a new air con switch from Vauxhall is