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Preparing Your Car for Storage.
« on: May 30, 2007, 20:27:10 PM »
How to Prepare Your Car for  Storage

1,Choose a garage or other storage facility that's dry. Damp air will cause rust over a long period of time.

2,Fill the petrol tank and add a fuel-stabilizing additive to prevent the petrol from oxidizing and deteriorating. An empty or low petrol tank will rust internally as moisture may accumulate inside the tank
3,Take the weight from the tires by putting the car up on jack stands.

4,Wash and wax the car  well to prevent corrosion.
5,Disconnect the battery!

6,Cover your car with a good quality car cover or tarp.
Here's what you need to do to make sure your car will start and run smoothly after being stored.
Change oil -
I've heard oil that sits will become acidic in the long term and then start to eat away at the gaskets.
Long-term storage tips-
If your not going to be able to start the car for a long time, say more than a month, disconnect the battery, remove the cables from the battery terminals to stop current drain.
Avoid using the hand brake-
Use good blocks to wedge under the wheels eight off! this will prevent the cable from stretching and may well stop the drums from rusting solid, if not, use axle stands.
Protect the exhaust system -
Prevent condensation from entering the system by plugging up the tail pipe with a cotton rag, this will prevent it from corrosion.
Cover upholstery -
Older cars will get mould on fabric, Cover it with newspaper, tucking it in where needed, this will discourage mould  and keep  away moisture. Put silica gel (a moisture absorbent) in 3-4 containers on the floor.
Long term storage -
If your car is going to be stored for the winter, remember to add a fuel freshener to the tank, along with a full tank of gas. A full tank accumulates less condensation (water and resulting rust). This makes for easier starting in the spring.
Storage -
Most wear takes place in an engine at startup, so you should not start your car regularly while in storage.WD 40-
Wd40 on rubber , I would strongly advise against putting WD-40 on anything rubber and leaving it. WD-40 is an oil, and oil rots rubber.
Nothing protects better.
If your storing your car on top of a cement floor you should place a thick peace of plastic under your car, this will stop moisture from getting at the under side of the car.

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Re: Prepairing you car for storage.
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Nice guide.. have some karma :)


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Re: Prepairing you car for storage.
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Good man,hope it helps.

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Re: Preparing Your Car for Storage.
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Very good of you to take the time to write this Reg.

It'll come in handy for anyone looking to store their car.

Have a karma bud!!

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Re: Preparing Your Car for Storage.
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nice 1 Reg have some karma from thinking of doing this also as my cally is getting to how i want it and dont want it to end up like my old cally...(hit by a coach)


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Re: Preparing Your Car for Storage.
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Cheers mate! many thanks.  ;D