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Guide To Removing Powder Coating
« on: August 05, 2007, 09:24:37 AM »
 Every powder coater has to face this problem eventually, either for cleaning racks and hangers or stripping parts that were rejected. In either case, the methods remain the same. The only exception is when a part requires spot repair. In this case, the defect area is usually sanded to bare metal, feathering the edges to ensure that the area will blend into the surrounding surface. The part should be processed and fully covered after sanding to complete the repair. Liquid touchup paint can be substituted for the powder coating if the repaired area is relatively small.

Now we can deal with stripping methods, which by definition require the complete removal of all the powder coating from the part or hanger. Stripping methods can be broken down into four general categories: mechanical; thermal; thermochemical; and chemical. We will examine each of these separately and discuss their drawbacks.

Mechanical stripping methods entail the use of blasting media. This media can be sand, water, CO2 pellets, glass bead, steel shot, plastic media, slag, oxides, garnet, etc. As the name implies, these media are

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Re: Guide To Removing Powder Coating
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Very interesting Shingara. Thanks for making the effort 8)