Author Topic: cutting out scratches out of black paint, well, any paint really  (Read 9607 times)

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cutting out scratches out of black paint, well, any paint really
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:43:29 AM »
hi all, i already put up a post of detailing your paint, i could have simply put up some pics in that thread but i thought it would be easier to start a new 1 with pics and my method
this is someparts of my mrs black peugot 308 wagon, we have had it for nearly 18months now and i have never even polished it, just didnt have the time, anyways, it was getting really hard to wash, paint was like sandpaper, and it didnt even look black anymore, sorta like a charcoal color!!
since she still needed to drive the car, i only did a few panels at a time, all up it took me nearly 35 hrs to do the whole car start to finish, it really was loaded up with millions of tiny scratches, and heaps of deep 1s too.
here are some pics of some deepr scratches

anyways, 1st thing you need to do is wash and dry your car very thoroughly, get it in the shade and clay bar it, that will make the paint nice and smooth again,
next i got some p2000 wet and dry paper, and also some p2000 and p4000 sanding foam discs, i went around the panel and found all the coarse scratches and with a block, wet paper and a spray bottle (put some carwash in the water, it will help the paper last longer), wet the scratch and start lightly sanding, always in a x pattern, diagonal for a few strokes, then opposite for a few strokes, keep it nice and wet and if you hear or feel some grit scratching, stop and flush wat ever it is off the panel and paper, i sand for around 20-30 secs and then dry off the area with a micro fibre cloth, you will see that the paint has dulled, if you can see the scratch still thru the dull area, keep sanding till its all dull, PLS NOTE!! dont get too carried away, if your paint has very little orange peel, you may not get all the scratches out, you will prob rub thru either the clear or color, i cant guide you on this as every car is different, and has to be assesed accordingly, if your car has plenty of orange peel in the paint, then you can basically sand it till the peel is all gone and then a little more,
once the scratch is gone, i like to use a faom 2000 disc, they seem to leave a nice fine finish, i use the 2000 and then the 4000 till all the 2000 scratches are gone, use these wet, they will reduce the time cutting with the machine down dramatically.
if your sanding near another panel, mask up the edge of the next panel so you dont sand onto that panel, same when buffing, i alwats mask up each panel and all the black trims.
here is a pic of the 1st pass of sanding and the scratch still visible

here it is all done with 2000 wet

and 1 of the panel sanded with 4000 wet ready to cut with the machine

ok, now for the hard stuff, i use a rotary type buffer for cutting, its a variable speed item, was cheap, around $100 and ive had it for maybe 12yrs and its still going, i like to use foam waffle pads, my fav at the moment are the 2 sided items, it has a white for cutting and then black for machine glazing, for the initial cut, i use white, i like to mist some water on the pad 1st, just to keep it very lightly damp, it will keep the dust from the pad down, i used a heavy cut compound (see other pics later in post of materials) and my machine set on around 1000rpm, i put a small amount of compoung on the panel, swirl it around with machine off so it wont fling compound everywhere when i start machine up, and then just slowly move the machine (while its going)around on the panel, only cutting a small patch at a time, around 40cm x 40cm, i usually have the machine going for maybe 45 secs at a time, then clean off the excess material with a microfibre cloth, you want to get a nice shine and get rid of all the sanding marks before moving onto the next section
heres a section done next to a section yet to be done

after the 1st cut, i clean all the cutting compound off the pad and use a finer cutting compound and basically do it all over again, this will get rid of the coarser cutting marks from the heavy compound, i like to crank the speed up to around 1500rpm, slowing it down near the edges of the panels
next is the machine glaze, if your using a dbl sided pad like i do, clean all the cutting compound off the white side so it dont fling crap everywhere while your glazing, flip the pad over ad use a machine glaze, on dark colors there are special finer glazes to help remove swirl marks which can show up easier in dark colors, glazing takes around half the time of cutting compounds,
pls remember to keep everything clean and use a different microfibre cloth for each compound you use
next, i clean to panel down with some instant detailer, which i do between each step, it all needs to be clean!!
you could polish the paint at this stage, but i really see no point as you wont get it any shinier than it already is, so i skip straight to wax, i like to cheat and i have a 6" waffle pad for my orbital sander, its a black pad which is the softest, same as the machine glaze pad, i can wax half a car like this quicker than doing a panel by hand!!, simply apply a small amount of wax to the panel of pad, swirl it around a little and the let it rip just like you would normally do by hand.
here is some pics of the finished product and some of the products used, this is where the one of the scratches was in above pic

here are the products i used

this is the pad i use for wax,

 hope this helps, but pls, its only a guide, you need to try to assess how much paint you can sand off, and how deep the scratch is, wether its thru the clear and into the color or not, take your car to a paint shop who has a tradie there to give advice, or a panel shop to ask, most should be helpful

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Re: cutting out scratches out of black paint, well, any paint really
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2015, 13:18:29 PM »
Nice one..great results.