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Title: Electric Calibra
Post by: electric geen on March 24, 2018, 16:47:00 PM
Electric ac powered Calibra due to finish this year.

First photo shows the water cooled Enova (Hyundai -aarghhh!) 90kW nominal ac motor which can spin up to 8000 rpm.

Second shows the ecotec 2.0i 16V Calibra still with bodykit but stripped of motor, exhaust, petrol tank, radiator (smaller two radiators to be fitted) etc. power steering the same except powered by an Astra electro hydraulic pump.

Last is the inverter not yet completely tested, capable of around 150hp output at 0 mph.......... obviously power is ramped up "slowly" to stop the driveshafts snapping.......
Title: Re: Electric Calibra
Post by: Faur Sergiu on March 31, 2018, 18:20:01 PM
very nice work, how much did it all cost? Nice job
Title: Re: Electric Calibra
Post by: electric geen on April 01, 2018, 12:18:39 PM
The price so far is not been too bad when ebay is your best friend.

£600 for the ac motor and half of the inverter (drive controller) ebay
£200 for the computer to drive the inverter from Johannes Huebner (Germany)
£90 for the main contactor (merlin gerin) ebay
£50 for a 3kw battery charger (swiss made) ebay
£35 for a 3kw heater for the cabin. ebay
£100 in several water pumps (motor, inverter and heater). ebay
£20 in a cinqicento radiator (new) for the motor. ebay
£0 oil cooler used as radiator for inverter (gift from colleagues at work)
£10 loads of relays fuses looms from the scrappy
£150 in 9 lead acid batteries for test and mot purposes (scrappy)
£15 in air con fans for the small radiators. ebay
£30 in astra MK4 electric hydraulic power steering pump. ebay
£350 in auxiliary parts like cases, wiring, hydraulic hose screw bolts, water hoses, aluminium plate etc. most ebay

So all in all about one and a half grand but excludes buying tools and machines I didn't have such as a pillar drill for drilling the adapter, a small lathe for turning down standoffs (not necessary), engine crane.

The big number is going to be the batteries, I am currently looking at nimh or lithium polymer, for a 35kw battery pack, from china the individual cells come to about £3000 - £3500 including taxes and transport, but then need making into a battery pack. 35kw battery pack and a very aerodynamic Calibra would give me a range of 270 miles before recharge.

I am not saying this is an easy project but the most difficult part is the control electronics, and even though I am an electrical electronics engineer, it is daunting and the powers involved concentrates the mind. Can't stress enough that Johannes Huebner has produced a very very cost effective inverter for electric car conversions so much so that I would not have tried to use an ac motor but gone with a simple dc type but with less efficiency. A dc motor alone would have been in the region of £3000.
Title: Re: Electric Calibra
Post by: zodiac245 on April 04, 2018, 15:53:45 PM
A very interesting project! Are there any plans for a smaller petrol/diesel engine to provide an alternative recharge facility?
Title: Re: Electric Calibra
Post by: electric geen on April 05, 2018, 17:55:25 PM
Thanks for the comments zodiac245+ Faur Sergiu, I haven't any plans for a separate petrol charger/generator as the range of 280 miles is adequate before requiring charge. The new DC chargers at the motorway service stations and other places, provide 50kw charge output which would charge a 35kw  lithium pack in around 42 mins - perfect for lunch.

I personally wouldn't travel more than 500 miles a day, as I used to travel several times a year, from Calais to the North of Spain and Gibraltar and that was a drag. Moving to electric does create a bit of range anxiety, but you get that on Christmas Day with petrol cars when you know all the Garages are shut! Eventually, fast chargers will be everywhere and the new ones will be without cables using induction, a system the robotic vehicle company I worked for used to implement very successfully.
Title: Re: Electric Calibra
Post by: tristandimond on April 09, 2018, 18:53:53 PM
Very interesting project you have there, I'm sure I speak for many on here when I say we are very keen to see how it turns out!
Keep us updated!  8)
Title: Re: Electric Calibra
Post by: electric geen on April 10, 2018, 11:33:54 AM
A recent move of the Calibra to make it more accessible and the warmer weather should make progress much quicker now. Will update soon.