Author Topic: Updated Guide to HANDBRAKE repairs(backplate)  (Read 9223 times)

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Updated Guide to HANDBRAKE repairs(backplate)
« on: May 12, 2016, 12:38:43 PM »
Right....if you are reading this im guessing your hand brake is bad...Mot fail....etc

Ok the basic workings of the hand brake....The hand brake leaver is pulled.....that motion is transfered though a steal rod underneath the car..the rod moves Forwards(hand brake on) and Backwards(hand brake off)...this rod is connected to a Yoke..and two for either side of the car.....they look like this...


And the "Yoke".....

This is where you adjust the cable/handbrake...tighten the 13mm nut(clockwise) to tighten the slack on the cable...therefore hopefully giving you more pulling pressure on the  cable thus giving you a stronger handbrake.

More often than not....this will not be enough but you may be lucky

So....the Cable goes off to the rear of the for each side...each side is identical in the way it works....the cable connects to a the Back Plate.

Above you can see the cable attaches to the leaver....which passes though the back plate to the Handbrake shoes.This leaver does what it says on the leavers the shoes apart to make contact with the brake drum/Disk...thus applying the brake to stop the car from moving.

Time to remove the rear disk....Caliper off and held up out the way with string....

The screw that holds the disk in place.....

At this point all precautions should have been taken....etc not that you need to be told about chocking the front wheels etc  :o lol

This is the leaver that moves the handbrake shoes...(upside down)


Back plates hold all the handbrake components together and enable them to the integrity of the Backplate needs to be good or it will not perform well and you will have a weak or no handbrake.


As you can see from mine...there in a bit of state....our cars are old and rust  is an issue...rust reduces the strength and ability to to the job intended.....New back plates.....?......As far as i know only the passenger side is we have to get creative...!!

Here`s what they look like new....

You can see the FIXING HOLES x4.....And the HandBrake shoe fixing holes(yellow) And the slot the leaver passes though(blue)

So......the main issue MAYBE the HandBrake shoe fixing holes...they tend to rust over time..become weak and below..

You can see the hole where the shoe retaining pins should go thorough...they should look kinda like a key the pins pass though they should turn slightly and hold in place.

The pins should pass though the hole in the shoe(above my thumb) then trough the back plate....

Like this....including springs....etc


While your here you may as well replace the shoes too...old Vs new

this will help you get a better handbrake....IF your shoes are worn like mine were....

F the back plate needs to be repaired in some know some ppl have had them welded and a new shoe hole made...also you may get away with a SHOE FITTING the one below.......this replaces the handbrake shoe hole and pins and springs....

old and new pins....

and the kit you can buy on ebay etc

If the above dont work as the backplate is bad then its plan B

Right here is the 4 stud hub....that also has two holes of these holes needs to be made bigger to allow one of these though....

Its an extension bar you put drill bits in to enable you to reach though stuff....

To drill the holes we need....

1x 6mm hss drill bit

1x 5.5mm tap

1x drill bit extension bar

All can be found on ebay......we need the extension bar to pass tough the UNUSED hole in the hub(yellow) NOT the holes the wheels bolt to !!(red..4 stud hubs)

.....but this hole needs to be made either drilling it out so the  extension bar passes though the hub.....or use one of these like i did....

The larger hole.....

Now for this Guide were working on the DRIVERS SIDE......the RIGHT pin hole may not need to be drilled and you can just use a long bolt n nut with a spring from the kit above......however.....t hr LEFT HOLE...has metal behind the back a 6mm hole needs to be drilled into this metal.....and then using a 5.5mm tap...tap the hole to give it a thread.....

hole drilled(in the same place that the shoe retaining pin would go)

Then tapped....with a M6 bolt inplace(m6 bolt needs to be a bit longer than a retaining pin)

So when you put it all back together it looks similar to this.....

I will do another Guide on adjustment....when i come to that step myself......also new shoes will help while your here......

New HANDBRAKE RETURN SPRINGS are a good idea as they tend to brake fall off


You may not need them....but its good to replace anything you can while you are at it.

Also....Take pictures as you unassemble it all...more the you can use these as a reference when you reassemble it all.....Take your rushing it is not prepared not to have this job done the same day as you may need to order parts u may have forgot.

Any questions ask here....if i can help i will.... ;D

The future is bright

As this is a big problem now for most of us a few members are working on a solution to make new back plates.....I myself want to remove my back plate and get a "master pattern" made at work....then re-manufacture them....but thats a long way off yet....unless someone has a backplate i can have.

Hope this helps and keeps a few more Calibra`s alive.

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Re: Updated Guide to HANDBRAKE repairs(backplate)
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 17:09:57 PM »
Right...Further investigation into my back plate on the Drivers side.....

To Remove the backplate you will need on of these Bit sets off ebay...only £10 or so.....


Use the 10mm MULTI SPLINED bit...theres a long one and a short one in the set....use the LONG ONE....poke it through the hole in the hub...tap it into the head of the it will be rusty this helps it seat better......

NOW even with the long bit in place you wont get the socket onto the end....with the short bit you wont get the socket and braker bar i used a large adjustable on the BIT its between the hub and bolt....hold it all in place and bash it with a hammer...too my surprise this worked !!


IF this works YOU NEED TO BE COMMITTED TO THIS pulling the back plate away from the Hub part Might CRUMBLE and then be even more useless....!!!

Underneath(bottom) there is a bracket a brace on the top two holes..

This is the bottom of the plate where the YOKE comes through.....

Lucky for us...SAAB use the same part so you can buy the YOKE new.....

The Hand Brake cable pulls this YOKE and that then moves he Hand Brake Shoes.

Now you mabe left with this......

Now you can see...its quite rusty..the four bolt holes are there and the metal round the holes but not much in between....I need to hack saw the plate and remove it.Then figure out my next step...that will be in the "Back plates" thread on here.

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Re: Updated Guide to HANDBRAKE repairs(backplate)
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2016, 11:16:34 AM »
It was time to replaace my dreaded hanbrake shoes today .......ive got a new shoe fitting kit like above from ebay .....but cant see how it works help ??

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Re: Updated Guide to HANDBRAKE repairs(backplate)
« Reply #3 on: September 02, 2016, 08:55:12 AM »
It all depends on how your back plate it is......did you do it?