Author Topic: Updated Guide to Hand Brake over haul/Repair...  (Read 4097 times)

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Updated Guide to Hand Brake over haul/Repair...
« on: May 11, 2016, 10:17:36 AM »
Right....if you are reading this im guessing your hand brake is bad...Mot fail....etc

Ok the basic workings of the hand brake....The hand brake leaver is pulled.....that motion is transfered though a steal rod underneath the car..the rod moves Forwards(hand brake on) and Backwards(hand brake off)...this rod is connected to a Yoke..and two for either side of the car.....they look like this...


And the "Yoke".....

This is where you adjust the cable/handbrake...tighten the 13mm nut(clockwise) to tighten the slack on the cable...therefore hopefully giving you more pulling pressure on the  cable thus giving you a stronger handbrake.

More often than not....this will not be enough but you may be lucky

So....the Cable goes off to the rear of the for each side...each side is identical in the way it works....the cable connects to a the Back Plate.

Above you can see the cable attaches to the leaver....which passes though the back plate to the Handbrake shoes.This leaver does what it says on the leavers the shoes apart to make contact with the brake drum/Disk...thus applying the brake to stop the car from moving.