Author Topic: Coilover/lowering guide for anyone with a Vectra C  (Read 8730 times)

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Coilover/lowering guide for anyone with a Vectra C
« on: December 19, 2010, 14:59:26 PM »
Ok this will be pretty straightforward for any DIY mechanic but here's a guide anyway for anyone less than confident.

Here I'll be fitting a FK coilover kit to a 2004 Vectra SRi.

Fronts first:
Loosen the wheel nuts and jack the car up
Support on axle stands
Remove front wheels

Here's the standard setup

It's a split MacPherson strut so we can leave the driveshaft/hub/brakes side of things alone.

First off you need to remove the two 18mm nuts/bolts (labelled yellow below). A spanner and ratchet combo works well here. Tap the bolts out with a 1/4" extension bar and a hammer if they aren't easy to pull out

Here are the bolts removed

Now the upper strut can twist freely, it's time to undo the anti roll bar link (circled red above). Undo this nut (using mole grips on the balljoint behind it if needed) and push it out of the strut.

Here we can see this being done

Finally you need to punch out the U-shaped clip that holds the brake flexi hose to the axle. From memory there's also a male torx bolt that needs to come out too. Labelled green here:

That leaves just the strut top in the engine bay, where 3x male torx bolts hold the strut in place

Next take your standard strut and use spring compressors to compress the spring. Then you can remove the strut top, some of which will be used to dress the new coilovers in preparation for fitting.

For reference, here is the order in which they fit together

Set your coilover height as required, now is also the time to match it to the other front strut you will be fitting shortly, so the car sits even. You can count threads or use a measuring tape.

Refit the new coilover strut. Take time to check the droplink, top mount and 18mm bolts are all tight. Route the brake line and wiring safely and securely, you dont want it snagging or rubbing on anything.

Onto the rears...

Unbolt the 2x rear shock absorber bolts (E20 female torx bit needed) - circled red here

Remove the shock absorber.

You then need to remove the rear wishbone to hub bolt, labelled yellow above (just out of sight)

The rear wishbone can then be levered down to let the spring fall out

Then set the height on your rear spring platforms

Which can then be installed with the springs (make sure they are a snug fit - eg the right way round!)

The new shock will then bolt right back up. Use a hydraulic jack to raise the suspension until the bolt holes line up for the shock.

Double check everything before refitting wheels, and enjoy your firmer ride!