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Handling, Suspension and Wheels / Re: Steering wheel vibration
« Last post by cal16v on May 23, 2019, 22:31:42 PM »
I'd be looking at wear in the steering knuckles... are you sure the wheel bearings aren't free spinning?
Technical Troubleshooting & Servicing / Re: Fuel sender unit
« Last post by Nige on May 23, 2019, 15:29:43 PM »
Hi, thanks for the information.
Calibra FAQs & Guides / Fuel pump support bracket
« Last post by Tricky on May 22, 2019, 15:41:13 PM »
Guys, help needed after reawakening my 95 16 valve ecotec from 13 years asleep the car is back running as good as it was before, however the fuel pump support bracket rubber mountings have perished, i have removed the bracket that holds the pump etc and removed all the broken mountings, but how do you remove the mounting plate to that is attached to the rear axle it looks to be fixed with bolts from the top, and i can't find any access to these from inside the car.
Handling, Suspension and Wheels / Re: Steering wheel vibration
« Last post by wim_vg on May 20, 2019, 10:20:48 AM »
Hi again,

Yesterday something strange happened. I was needing to take the highway and needed fast acceleration. When coming onto the highway, the steering wheel was no longer in center,  but slightly to the left when driving straight. I did not hear any noises or anything. When driving again the morning after, steering was back ok. What could have caused this???

My good guess is whatever caused this might be the root cause of the whole thing...

Calibra Chat / Item wanted update
« Last post by TURBOHEAD on May 16, 2019, 13:51:31 PM »
Success  ;D

I recently asked for a C20LET aluminium sump pan as mine had cracked....... but to be honest I didn't hold much hope of getting one.    It was when I was doing a search on eBay I hit on a company called......."".

I was asked to register my details........and details of car and part required. They assured me they would find me one.

What they do is put a call out to nearly every scrapyard in the uk on my behalf then you wait..........soon I received an email from VauxParts uk Ltd in Kent telling me they have one and sent me the price at £53.88 with free postage.

Of course I bit their hand off and after phoning them to insure that it is the correct one for my Calibra turbo.........I purchased it and it arrived in two days after agreeing to buy it. 8)

This company was the answer to my prayers......and what a great way of finding parts if not available from Club Calibra.

Try them for will be pleased with them as I am. :) may get more than one quote from different scrapyards so the good thing then is you can select the one with the best price for you.
Handling, Suspension and Wheels / Re: Steering wheel vibration
« Last post by wim_vg on May 14, 2019, 21:38:03 PM »
Hi again,

So I reckon some of the fine-tuning is in the proper fixing of the suspension components... this I can live with!

However, there is something about it that still puzzles me. The steering wheel oscillation seems to vary day by day. One day it is much more pronounced than others. I am pretty sure it is not just a feeling. Any ideas to what could contribute to that?
Calibra Chat, Discussion & Debate / Re: new service book
« Last post by danthecalibraman on May 14, 2019, 15:11:16 PM »
thanks for reply was hoping for a geniune vauxhall one to match my full one ,just abit o.c.d with all that and looks better . maybe daft but personal choose but thanks again
I've lately restored 2.0 8v which sat for some 5 years. I've rebuilt half of suspension, repainted it, and did minor adjustments. Before you fire it up make sure you have replaced all ot the rubber fuel lines which I didn't do and was almost burnt alive because one of the lines near exhaust sprayed fuel. Check out the cooling lines also for they might be cracked (wash out the cooling system with cleaning additives or my little personal trick VINEGAR mixed with destilled water when the car is fired up). Also check the coolant thermostate because it might be clogged up. Wash the fuel pump with fresh fuel + cleaning additive or buy a new one, they are really cheap in Croatia btw. Do a ultrasonic clean on the injectors and you will have a new car. Since you are foing all that consider cleaning the exhaust to help the car breathe better. The biggest fault there could happen after such a long time is residue build up in any of the wet systems and you want to avoid it.
Handling, Suspension and Wheels / TA Technix 40/40 coils and shock absorbers kit
« Last post by CroCop on May 13, 2019, 17:16:07 PM »
I'm planning to change my coils and shock absorbers due to the old age and low performance. I'm on a limited budget and I've found this kit. Has anyone had any expirience with it.
Technical Troubleshooting & Servicing / Re: Fuel sender unit
« Last post by Janus23 on May 13, 2019, 14:43:55 PM »
Hi ,

I've just dropped the fuel tank on my P Reg 2ltr 16v cally (X2.0XEV) found following information Fuel Sender Unit OEM 90510122 now substituted by 90504118  (Opel Equivalent Number 1254033)NLS seen a couple on E-bay. I managed to re-insulate the wires where the plastic had cracked using the black tubular shrink insulation from ECP.
The other issue is the Crescent Shaped Filter for the Fuel Pump OEM 90499652 (Opel Equivalent 815177)NLS, company Glencoe Ltd have a filter their reference 22-770 at £5.10 dimentionally perfect BUT as I found out this morning the replacement Bosch pump I purchased the external mm of the inlet on the pump and the internal neck mm of this filter won't allow one to slide over the other (Gnats hair difference).
I enquired with the local Honda dealer and the pump and filter is approx £60 possibly avoiding my current issue....

Hope this is of some help.

Janus 23
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