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Saw 4 today
« on: December 22, 2007, 00:59:25 AM »
Never normaly see any in liverpool, went out to the shops and saw 4, about 2 oclock ish

a gold one, no kit, no spoiler in the morrisons opposite ford halewood going in as i was going out
black one ( i think, dark anyway ) just by the airport before the marks and spencers ,
a white one with big kit in marks and spencers carpark (massive body kit and spoiler ),
and as i got by my house one drove into the road i was coming out of, dark coloured one

there suddenly seem to be a lot, there was a gold one driving outside my house the other day as well

Strange, there were loads in runcorn every night a month or two ago and now i see none there apart from a light blue one with big `carbon type` rear spoiler