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Guide to Making Flaps
« on: June 09, 2014, 13:39:24 PM »
With Jamie Oliver.

You will need:
- Pork belly strips (a pack of 6-8 will STUFF an average person.)
- Coleman's Oriental Seasoning (the old-school type. Which I can't find anywhere. Given we own Calibras we're used to improvising with non original components. :) )
- Plate.

Blimey, I'm often wishing I was eatin' flaps I am! Remind me of Billing so they do guv'nor. And Dan's/Gail's 'ouse. And I want the same taste at 'ome 'cept no bloody wasps. Apples an' pairs.

First fing you need is these pukka pork belly strips. I get 'em from Waitrose, but you peasants buy from whatevs poverty supermarket you go to innit.

Packet of seasoning mix. YEAH out the f-ing packet I ain't Gordon Ramsay.
(The real recipe is Coleman's Oriental Seasoning, but get whatever's closest.)

Seasoning on plate. Smear flaps until covered in gritty, elusive Coleman's goodness. Do yourself a favour!

Place on baking tray, grill the sh*t out of them on medium, turning when you can be arsed.

Once black enough to avoid food poisoning, plate up immediately.

For extra Billing authenticity, serve with 14 cans of Stella or 4 cans of energy drink and get a mate to throw wasps at you.

Das it Miscbrah.

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Re: Guide to Making Flaps
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2014, 13:43:16 PM »
Topic moved.

Have a karma, love it :)
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