Author Topic: Bilstein B4 shocks with Eibach pro springs 30mm Front and Rear  (Read 5897 times)

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Has anyone ever used Bilstein B4 shocks with Eibach pro springs combo? If so how does it feel on the road?
I'm in need of replacing my suspension as it has more than 240,000 KM and previous owner cut the springs making the ride terrible (had it like this for over 9 years).
I'm looking for a comfortable ride as i'm using the car as my daily to go to UNI and the road is pretty bumpy, i'm also considering changing my 18 inch wheels to 16 so there's a bigger tire profile to absorb the bumps more.
What are people's thoughts?

Any help would be very appreciated, Thanks.

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Re: Bilstein B4 shocks with Eibach pro springs 30mm Front and Rear
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2016, 14:17:03 PM »
My V6 has a similar set up but with standard 15" wheels (being lower the arches look more filled). The ride is OK but poor'ish over speed humps and pot holes. The lowered springs would tend to be stiffer and would work better than cut ones that maintain the same lb/inch and are more likely to get coil bound. My gut feel is that your ride would improve but I can't guarantee this.