Author Topic: C20NE strange steering shimmy  (Read 3912 times)

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C20NE strange steering shimmy
« on: August 13, 2021, 19:48:12 PM »
Hello all,

I'm venturing into my next topic of interesting suspension troubles... any input is welcome as always :)

Every once in a while, when I take the car out on the road, the steering wheel shimmies over each and every small bump in the road. The next day, the same road, it could be just fine - you can feel it still in the steering, but it feels solid and no shimmy.

The other day, I got kind of fed up with it, and kicked the side wheels on either side, assuming this would do something... And strangely it did. Before the stop, it'd shimmy on every bump, after the stop and the 'kicks' and I drove the car home, it didn't do it anymore.

A lot of components are new, no play in the steering, I tried every suspension joint and the car passes MOT every year.
I'm slowly getting crazy I think... but on the other hand, this never happens on my X20XEV, it is always solid.

As mentioned above - any inputs or crazy theories that explain this are welcome as always :)