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Title: V6 cam's
Post by: Laliiii on August 31, 2020, 12:27:57 PM

I know that may be the issue is chewed dog bone, but I am asking because for me the time is here to need re-build the cylinder head fully. I have got c25xe engine with standard "A" cams. Which cams should I fit to more power? What is the experience during the years for the user's? Where and which type of the cams should be fit?

Thanks a lot!  8) ;)
Title: Re: V6 cam's
Post by: beastboy on January 06, 2021, 20:11:03 PM
Hi Laliii. I have reluctantly sold my Calibra so do not frequent the web site any more.  Did you find the cams you want? I have 3 pairs of G cams!
I beleive, but stand to be corrected, that Courtney Tuners take G cams as 'blanks' when u buy their own performance cams!  As I ran a Vectra GSI at the same time, (sold as well)! I know that the 2.5 with A cams was rated at 178 bhp.  The GSI with G cams was rated at 192 bhp, but the same engine as the calibra, (not taking into account the plenum differences).
So if the G cams give you 14 bhp over the A, and the Courtney cams give you 18 bhp over the G, that is a massive 32 bhp over standard.
I am not an expert so if I get over-ruled so be it.  But when I saw your question I had to reply.

So, I still own 6 G cams!  Who wants to put them to good use?