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Guide to Reading ECU Codes

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See here...

We need someone to photograph this process, its very simple and wouldn't take you long! The FIRST PERSON TO DOCUMENT THIS PROCESS will receive 150 SHOP CREDITS!

1. Take photos of the process of reading the codes
2. Write a step by step guide accurately describing the process
3. Post the guide here and Private Message me once you're happy that its complete!
4. Shop credits rewarded!!

OK to do this its easy.

1. Locate the diagnostic plug at the rear passenger side of the engine bay.

2.  Short out using a paperclip or a small piece of wire like I have the brown and brown/yellow wire.

3.  Turn on the ignition and watch the engine management light flash away.  The way to read the codes is as follows, it will flash a few times, followed by a 1 second break, and the again followed by a 3 second break.

This will make up the error code it a always starts with the code 12 (1 flash, followed by 2 flashes),this is a breaker and comes up at the beginning and end of the codes.  Each code is repeated 3 times.

If you are doing this without the engine running the code 31 will also always appear, this can be ignored, unless the engine is running.

Go Here for a list of all the codes that can come up.

Hope this helps guys and gals.

Nice one mate!!! 100 Shop Credits for you! (the bigger/more detailed the guide or the job, the more credits).

Much appreciated!! If anyone would like to add photos, please feel free.

thank en you ;D

try this link


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