Author Topic: Mini GUIDE to Water/condensation inside the CABBIN  (Read 2267 times)

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Mini GUIDE to Water/condensation inside the CABBIN
« on: October 22, 2017, 13:01:05 PM »
Winter has arrived....wet n windy...So I thought I would do a guide on water leaks other than coolant....Many of you know all this...some dont....or may need a refresh.....

1...rear light seals..the rear tail gate gutters let the water run off over the rear lights...especially the top edge....plenty of wiring there and
     a earth connections/door lock wiring
2...Sunroof drains....there are 4 of from each corner of the roof...they wont come off the roof its self but exit at the sills(front
      drains)..and at he rear(rear drains)..the pic below shows the rear drain holes near the exhaust hanger in the for the for the sunroof i think...the front drains exit down at he bottom of the front door...I`ll look next time im down the garage.


3....Door seals....the front door has two..the thick rubber one that is at the top of the door etc....look for splits/cracks etc....Also there is
      one at the bottom in the door jam...the long one that goes along the bottom inside...I`ve had these fail/fall off..(long black seal at the
      bottom of the door in the pic) At the bottom of the door just inside under the plastic cover is the cars loom..(both sides) if the  bottom
     door seal has gone water can get in there and drip down into the loom..?


4....Heater matrix....fairly easy one...soggy/damp carpets MAYBE your Heater matrix is weeping/leaking....If so you will lose COOLENT and
      the car will be steamy/condensation on the windows(inside)

5....Trunk Drainage/Scuttle area.....Inside the engine bay in the middle is a drainage tube(looks like a elephants trunk hence the name)this
       Can become blocked...the wind screen drains into a void at the back of the engine bay then drains out the Trunk...if this area doe not
       drain it can cause problems....Rust holes can leak into the cabbin/bulk head...there is two mesh part in the corners of the cover for this
       area these can become blocked too...then water find its way to where it should not be....!!

6.....Bulhead...This is between the engine bay and cabbin...protected by sound deadening...this can rust if the above problems exist...and
       let in water you may not be able to see this.

7.....Floor Pan....There are various points water might get in....Rubber Grommets...Theres a hand Break Gator....If there missing of perished
       they need looking at...



On a lighter note They maybe further ways like acts of god and uk monsoon season that may effect any problems we have..two "active Adults" in a calibra can cause lots of condensation take that indoors lololol

Thanks all

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Re: Mini GUIDE to Water/condensation inside the CABBIN
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 15:14:56 PM »
Gold star.
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Re: Mini GUIDE to Water/condensation inside the CABBIN
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 20:08:52 PM »
Excellent explained in one topic! Cover almost all of the water "invasions". :-)
Thank you!