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Guide to Reading ECU Codes
« on: May 09, 2006, 21:50:27 PM »
The Calibra Fault Code Guide

PLEASE NOTE: It was discovered recently (7-10-00) that codes shown below may not be applicable to newer than 'R' reg cars - please consult your dealer for errors, or submit your enqury to

The section of the webpage for those among you that like to document anything and everything, here we'd like to post technical documents detailing BHP improvements, 0-60 tests and anything related - All pages are currently under construction and so we'd appreciate your emailing anything that you feel could help!

Reading the codes:
The ECU warning lamp will illuminate when the ignition is switched on, but as soon as the engine is started the warning lamp will go out. If the warning lamp stays on or comes on while the engine is running, then the ECU has detected a fault.

Dis-engage the diagnostics plug from its socket. This is positioned at the rear of the engine bay on the passengers side. It has 10 pins. Short pins A & B to read the engine ecu codes. Brown & Brown/yellow

If the ECU detects a serious fault then the ecu will then switch to an emergency programme which will allow the vehicle to be driven to a garage, so that the fault can be cured.

When the diagnostic socket pins A and B are connected together by a wire, the fault codes will be displayed from the fault code light as flashes, eg. fault code 12 displays as one flash, pause, then two flashes.

To erase the fault code, turn the ignition on/off 25 times, if this is unsuccessful, disconnect the battery earth lead for at least one minute. Please bear in mind that removing the earth lead will erase the memory from other electronic units, eg. security coded radio.

The codes...
12 Diagnosis Initiation / seperator
13 Oxygen sensor - open circuit
14 Coolant temperature sensor - voltage low
15 Coolant temperature sensor - voltage high
16 Knock signal circuit - no voltage change
17 Knock signal circuit 2 - no voltage change (V6)
18 Knock control module (ECU)
19 Incorrect RPM signal (Crankshaft sensor - incorrect signal)
21 Throttle position sensor - voltage high
22 Throttle position sensor - voltage low
23 Knock sensor - out of range
24 Speed Sensor (MPH)
25 Injector 1 - voltage high
26 Injector 2 - voltage high
27 Injector 3 - voltage high
28 Injector 4 - voltage high
29 Injector valve 5 - voltage high (Fuel pump relay voltage low)
31 No engine RPM signal Engine not running (Crankshaft Sensor - No Signal)
32 Fuel pump relay - voltage high
33 Map Sensor (Voltage High)
34 Map Sensor (Voltage Low)
35 Stepper Motor (No Idle Speed Control)
38 Oxygen circuit - voltage low (weak)
39 Oxygen circuit - voltage high (rich)
41 1 gear ident switch - voltage low C20LET OR EST
----Line Coil Cylinder 2 & 3 (Voltage High) M2.8 / XEV
42 1 gear ident switch - voltage high C20LET OR EST
---- Line Coil Cylinder 1 & 4 (Voltage High) M2.8 / XEV
43 Linear EGR System XEV
44 Oxygen circuit - voltage low (weak)
45 Oxygen circuit - voltage high (rich)
47 Linear EGR Position XEV
48 Battery voltage - low
49 Battery voltage - high
51 ECU faulty (memory failure)
52 Check engine light - voltage high
53 Fuel pump relay - voltage low
54 Fuel pump relay - voltage high
55 ECU faulty (Hardware fault)
56 Idle air control - voltage low (or high !?!)
57 Idle air control - voltage high (or low !?!)
61 Fuel tank vent valve - voltage low
62 Fuel tank vent valve - voltage high
63 EST Line Coil Cylinder 2 & 3 (Voltage Low) M2.8/XEV
64 EST Line Coil Cylinder 1 & 4 (Voltage Low) M2.8/XEV
65 Idle CO potentiometer - voltage low
66 Idle CO potentiometer - voltage high
67 Idle position switch - voltage low (idle position switch not opening)
69 Intake air temperature - voltage low
71 Intake air temperature - voltage high
72 Full position switch - voltage high (full load not opening)
73 Air flow sensor - voltage low
74 Air flow sensor - voltage high
75 Torque control - voltage low (Transmission Switch)
76 Torque control - continuous (Transmission Switch)
79 Full load inhibitor - voltage low (Traction Control Signal)
81 Injector valve 1 - voltage low
82 Injector valve 2 - voltage low
83 Injector valve 3 - voltage low
84 Injector valve 4 - voltage low
85 Injector valve 5 - voltage low
86 Injector valve 6 - voltage low V6
87 A/C cut-off relay - voltage low
88 A/C cut-off relay - voltage high
92 Cam shaft sensor failure XEV
93 Hall sensor - voltage low (Quad Driver Module)
94 Hall sensor - voltage high
95 Hot start valve - voltage low
96 Hot start valve - voltage high
97 Ignition/Injection cut off - voltage high (Traction Control Signal)
113 Boost control out of range
114 Boost pressure Idle above upper limit
115 Boost pressure Full below lower limit
116 Boost pressure Full below upper limit
117 Wastegate valve - voltage low
118 Wastegate valve - voltage high

Information kindly supplied by ATP Electronic Developments Ltd.
Added to by Andy Kirwan

Please note, we accept no responsibility for the consequences of carrying out any manual testing on your car, the procedures described here are genuine - Photos coming soon!
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Re: Guide to Reading ECU Codes
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2009, 18:50:11 PM »
got code 69 come up on paper clip test changed the air sensor , now light on constant with new sensor ?????disconnect light goes out reconnect light on !!! help what to do now , someone help please

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Re: Guide to Reading ECU Codes
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2009, 19:00:47 PM »
got code 69 come up on paper clip test changed the air sensor , now light on constant with new sensor ?????disconnect light goes out reconnect light on !!! help what to do now , someone help please

First of all hello and welcome to the forum, before a mod ask's please add your location into your profile..

Second may i suggest you start a new thread out lining your problem,which engine you have also..

all the best..
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