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C20NE Turbo
« on: December 08, 2018, 22:15:57 PM »
I own two Calibra's one an electric one and the other an 8V. Now the electric one is converted and I am waiting for batteries or more honestly the cash for the batteries (about 3 grand) which is not coming anytime soon (until I have sold a private plate), so over the last 6 months I have been lurking on that well known purveyor of second hand of everything auction place and pounced on a few items.

The magnetic blue C20NE engined Calibra is my daily car, except it is not my daily car anymore as the company I work for gave me some free transport - sort of golden handcuffs to keep me there, and to be honest their dastardly ploy has worked and they have promoted me too recently (just name not salary but you never know....). So the urgency of keeping it tip top ready has gone and it is used for the supermarket and weekend runs.

But as you know, you flick through YouTube and come across turbo 4x4 and redtops and then you watch European Calibra Day video and I was glad I did not turn up this year as I threatened to - the Calibra's there were awesome - I couldn't see one dud (or really good editing anyway).

At this point I was torn between saving dosh for the batteries or splurging a bit of dosh on parts for the 8V. So after the ECD video I decided the paint on the 8V was recent and good quality so all I needed to save face was a set of wheels, lowering kit and shocks plus something extra under the bonnet but keeping the 8v.

OK plan was hatched, keep her indoors from finding out, managed to squirrel away some cash into paypal by selling stuff. Then I had to re roof the house this year, which put everything on hold for three months while I was hanging off the scaffolding 7 metres up in the air, but I managed a few more deals and more bits were bought.

Now I managed to get hold of so far is:

1. Saab 93 garret T25 Turbochager £45.37
2. Mercedes van intercooler (wide but not very high will fit under the bumper) £15
3. 6 x refurbished Red injectors from a V6 250cc - good for 200Hp £40
4. 2mm decompression plate (ok I hear the gasps) reducing compression to 8.5:1 or around 9 for the new pistons £35
5. New clutch £24.99
6. Replacement gearbox £90
7.C20xe Mahle Pistons Including Rods £30
8.Vauxhall GTE inlet manifold including throttle body £40
9.Vauxhall 8v 2.0 20E Cylinder Head (hardened valve seat version) £39.95
10. remote oil cooler sandwich plate (new) £20.15
11. Head bolts £14

piece de la resistance
12. Pontiac Sunbird 2.0 Turbo exhaust manifold (new, from the american turbo cavalier 8v) £67.03

Now still looking for a c20ne block if anyone has one going cheap (below 100) or swap AR 2.0 twinspark block, with the plan is to assemble everything before then swap the engines over a weekend.

More to follow

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Re: C20NE Turbo
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2018, 17:49:15 PM »
Sounds cool. It does exist a std 8V turbo with c20get engine code, able of 160hp with a pretty good torque
C20NE becomed C30XE+X25XE+C20LET 3 Cali is better than one