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Title: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on February 04, 2018, 16:35:02 PM
Now that the 8v is nicely settled into regular use and performing well, it must be time for me to do something stupid.

I did.

Saw a 16v advertised that had "issues" and I thought was worth a punt. After a few tense days, I have got it home and have been assessing it. I reckon it will be OK although my team of reluctant experts don't share my optimism.

When I picked it up, it struggled to run at all. It was missing a section of the air intake and also the air injection hose was split wide open. I have sorted both of those and ran it up today. Tappets are very noisy and the whole engine is in a bit of a state to be honest. Current fault codes are 13, 15, 21, 56, 71 and, of course, 92.

Bodywork and paint are excellent but there are signs of neglect and abuse all over this thing. The elephants trunk was blocked solid and the pollen filter looks like the one that came when it was new. You get the idea...

I still believe it was worth saving! Time will tell.
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: sealeysonic on February 04, 2018, 19:55:13 PM
Stay strong mate lol were  here to help
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on February 04, 2018, 20:39:30 PM
Haha! Cheers.

I feel slightly less alone now.  :D

That said, this is the last time I go buying cars without looking at them.  ::)
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on February 13, 2018, 19:51:40 PM
Small update:

I have replaced the air intake and rad fan from my limited stock of spares. I have also managed to get hold of the hose for the air injection system and fitted that so, in theory, it should be air tight now. The plugs are oily as hell - I don't think the cam cover gasket is doing much these days.

I have run it up a couple of times and underneath the ridiculous tappet noise, it sounds quite tight and smooth. The compression test results were (L-R) 14/14/16/15 bar.

Next jobs for the engine are:

Head off and replace it with the one that came off my Cavalier (known good)
New head gasket (suspect this has affected the first two compression test results)
New timing belt and tensioners/rollers
Try and sort out the wiring as four of the fault codes are for high voltage and to be honest, it is all over the place
Sump off to look for any blockages.

The tailgate has an issue too. The central bolt that holds the spoiler on has been letting in water for years by the looks of it. The spoiler will need to come off and may be a bit of steel welded in. The inside of the tailgate around this bolt is veeeeerrryyyy rusty.
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on February 14, 2018, 20:28:07 PM
Even smaller update:

Changed the pollen filter today - always nice to start and finish a simple job. It feels like progress despite being nothing like it.

Anyway, I ran it up and left it running for a bit. At the point when it tries to drop the idle speed, it slowly, and gently slows to a stall. I dug out a spare IAC valve and fitted it, mullering the gasket in the process.

The old one was pretty much caked with cruddy oily mess, as is the throttle valve. Reckon that will have to come off as well.

Anyway, I have been pondering these fault codes:

13 - Oxygen Sensor (Open circuit)
15 - Coolant Temp Sensor (High Voltage)
21 - Throttle Position Sensor (High Voltage)
56 - Idle Air Control (High Voltage)
71 - Air Intake Temp Sensor - (High Voltage)
92 - Camshaft Sensor (Wrong signal)

The initial thought was that the loom might be disconnected somewhere. I had a poke around today and couldn't find anyuthing amiss. The only one that stuck out was the wiring to the air flow meter. The outer casing has been split/cut and there are a couple of strands hanging out. Everything else is plugged in.

Anything else I should be considering?
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on March 24, 2018, 21:54:37 PM
A bit of progress here recently...

The sump got taken off and cleaned up, along with the oil pick up pipe. Chucked in the new oil and ran it up for a bit. The lifters are still as noisy as hell but I am being patient. I reckon this engine has been abused and neglected so it it no doubt caked in crud inside.

Anyway, I needed to address that fact that it idled at just over 2000rpm. A bit of poking around and I found out the throttle stop screw had been wound up a bit to compensate for the failed IAC valve. I had changed the IAC valve so now it was screaming! Had a spare throttle body in the shed (by chance) so cleaned that up and stuck it on.

Long story short, I got it to idle at the right speed with no EML on. Success!

It didn't last long as it now has fault codes 13, 92 and 93 in the ECU again.

Next up: Replace the back box as the current one is blowing and dripping water from a badly patched section. If anyone can recommend a good pattern one (thinking about Bosal?) then I would love to know. Cannot stretch to the £175 someone wants for an original one.
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Jepwee on March 25, 2018, 16:41:11 PM
Hi, I admire your tenacity for trying to clear the many faults that you have. As for the exhaust I tried 2 different back box's which I found very noisy. I was considering fitting a Bosal back box (tele No 01772 771000) but couldn't find anyone who sold them apart from E-Bay. In the end an original back box came up on E-Bay for 30 quid!. I just like to add that my Calibra is an 8v and the 2 back box's are going for free. They will fit 16v but you have to change the rear hanger bracket.     
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on March 25, 2018, 16:59:02 PM

Thanks for the info.  :)

I found a Bosal one for £70 (inc. postage) so have gone for that. I also picked up a Bosal back box for my 8v on eBay for £35 a while back - I am keeping that one in stock :D

I am convinced that the years of neglect and abuse can be reversed for this 16v. Progress so far has been promising so after I have the new back box on, the camshafts are coming out to try and sort out the lifters. You never know... one day, I might get it an MOT.
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: on March 27, 2018, 11:29:01 AM
What 16v have you got there? Early Redtop or late Ecotec?

Good work by the way in trying to revive it ;)
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on March 27, 2018, 14:30:47 PM
It's an early Ecotec (Aug '95).

Thanks... I do wonder if I have taken on too much but, hey, I have started now so had better keep going. Having the same engine in the Cavalier helps as I have had some useful spares "in stock"  ;D
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on March 27, 2018, 21:28:47 PM
Finally, some pics. We all love a few pics:

About to come home:
( (

( (

Starting the clean up - the inside was pretty grim:
( (

It's a pair!
( (

This was the nasty surprise the spoiler has created. Clearly, someone has gone to the trouble of bagging up the motor...
( (

That's all for now.
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: tristandimond on April 09, 2018, 19:02:01 PM
Nice looking calibra, shame about the spoiler holes, that's what you get if you don't paint after drilling  ::)
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on April 09, 2018, 20:15:20 PM

I assume the spoiler was factory fitted. Anyway... it has bigger issues now.

A bit of investigation into how much oil is getting tot he cams has shown that at least one of the oil jets was blocked. During this investigation, the bottom end of the engine was pretty much condemned.

Plans are still fluid right now but does anyone know if the later 16v Ecotecs just drop in where there was an earlier one? I know the dipstick is in a different place and they have a dual sump but are there any other differences that will scupper my plans for a replacement engine?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: tristandimond on April 10, 2018, 09:04:07 AM
Hmm that's strange I thought they would have rust protected it if it was factory fitted  ???
I never had any trouble with my factory fitted ones  ;)

Definitely you have more important things to worry about now, I hope it goes well   :o
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on April 18, 2018, 22:56:59 PM
Small update:

A second opinion has deemed the bottom end fit. Hoopla!

So, with that in mind, I have set about trying to resolve the noisy tappet issue. Long story short, the camshafts are out now and the two torx head bolts in the head that have the oil jets in them have been cleared as they were both blocked solid.

The head is coming out and getting cleaned up. New head gasket, camshaft oil seals, timing belt (inc. rollers etc.) are lined up ready...
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on April 30, 2018, 22:28:24 PM

Engine back together again with replacement lifters and camshafts from my Cavalier's old cylinder head. New timing belt, tensioner and rollers fitted and fired it up yesterday.

Very noisy - the lifters haven't been in an engine since 2015.  :(

Fired it up again tonight and everything has quietened down nicely. Now to put new bolts in the crankshaft pulley (it only has two in at the moment) and properly refit all the hoses and timing belt cover before moving on to the next thing - trying to get rid of the fault codes.

Got a diagnostic machine as the Cavalier has a load of faults as well.

Why? Why don't I just buy a reliable modern car...?
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on May 30, 2018, 18:42:31 PM
Update time:

It was all going so well.

Once the lifters quietened down, it made it possible to hear the knocking from the crankshaft. Back to Square 1.

Anyway, engine transplant on the cards now. Went to my folks recently and now it has new discs, pads and sensors on the front. All the bits for the rear brakes arrived today as well.

I will get this thing back on the road, even if it kills me or breaks my bank!
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on June 29, 2018, 20:41:16 PM

Replacement engine sourced and waiting to go in. NSR has new discs, pads, shoes and a new shock absorber. Wheel bearing a little noisy. OSR proving more challenging as the back plate has given way and one of the springs/pins is wandering around inside the drum. New handbrake cable fitted as well.

So... new back plates acquired from Germany and it is looking likely that the rear subframe will get dropped, cleaned up and painted.

This just keeps getting worse...  ;D ;D ;D ;D
Title: Re: ...and for my next trick
Post by: Raffles on October 21, 2018, 07:14:25 AM
Well, it's been a while but things have been busy.

In short, it is back on the road with an MoT and back home.

( (

If I had known that it would cost me this much to get this far, I might not have bought it. Then again, if the bloke on eBay had been honest, I would never have given it a second look. Since the MoT it has had four NOS tyres (the rears were 205/50/15) and some trips out to bed everything in. I am told the engine has done 70K and it pulls well so, fingers crossed.

Next job: New bonnet cable.