Author Topic: Looking forward to getting jobs done on car...  (Read 12771 times)

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Looking forward to getting jobs done on car...
« on: May 10, 2006, 23:42:20 PM »
At the min my car makes so many squeeks and knocks and steerings dodgy but ive worked out everything i need and im gonna get it all sorted. The knock from the back i suspect to be the hand brake shoes sticking and randomly releasing. The knocks in the front are definitly coming from 2 fuked engine mounts, basically the engine trys to leave the car and bounces all over lol. The steering suspension related and i have the parts for that. So once thats done everything will be nice  tight and quiet again! My actuator is weak as piss so ive ordered a cossie once to replace it with, this meens i will be able to get decent boost levels so i should be buzzin with the car once this is done!