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Cracked Sump
« on: May 03, 2019, 15:08:10 PM »
Hi all :)

Can anyone tell me if a C20xe sump would fit a C20LET engine block.......I am unable to get a replacement.......they are as rare as hens
teeth Loi .....  If the C20xe sump flange has the same footprint,,,,also does the C20XE sump have a square panel on the front for the Oil level sensor.

All the C20LET sumps for sale on ebay have been sold >:(    Also looking into having it tig welded........the damage is around three fixing holes.

When I fixed the sump on I torxed the bolts down to 10nm as specified.....the new gasket was an upgraded rubber one bonded to the baffle plate.    The Alloy pan must have gone brittle throug heat and age.  :-\

Kind Regards