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As seen at all the best Hotels
« on: August 01, 2020, 21:33:15 PM »
After we binned the ferry tickets to go to Spain as they imposed some mask law in the street (and later 2 weeks of house sitting  - swerved that one too.)  :( , we decided to spend a week a the South West traveling via the best transport available i.e. the Calibra and of course staying at the best hotels (who would have us...) and parking right next to the entrance so everyone had to admire the Calibra and then get in to their diesel econobox.... ;D

Usual harmony then ensured between me and her indoors leading to too much money spent, being banned by Wetherspoons, eating at half price at the Slug & Lettuce (after the ban) on the taxpayer (me!?!) with much nicer people, then going to Bristol, drinking more, spending more - returning at the weekend when the weather turned and back out midweek to Peak District and Scarborough (arguing with a Yorkshire chip shop owner about the price bad move - he was right...).

All in all, another 1,200 miles of faultless traveling in the 8 valve Calibra (did a head swop the day before we left, I like to plan these things :))