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Title: Any ideas what my cars worth? Stickered calibra turbo track car
Post by: tommygards on April 09, 2017, 21:49:04 PM
Hi all,

As i've mentioned recently, it is unfortunately time that I moved on from my calibra.  After lovingly building it for 11 years, i just dont use it enough and its time that someone else should enjoy it, or atleast the parts from it to keep their cars going. 

The problem is that it is a very specific track car with several expensive, and sometimes custom, parts on it. I think I know roughly what i would want for it, but that is not down to thinking what it is worth as a car.  Instead, I have roughly worked out what I could get for most of the parts and then taking off some money for the ease of selling it as a whole car, and that somebody else would get to use it. If you have a minute or 2 to let me know your thoughts it would be very much appreciated.

So I've had the car for ~11 years, it has been sorn for the last 7 which is when I've been making it into a track car.  In the last 7 years, whilst sorn, it has had most of the work done with new parts and upgrades, although it has only done 1 track day (2x 20 minute sessions) and a few runs around the block to get it up to temp.  Therefore an awful lot of new parts fitted over the last 7 years I consider 'as new' and have covered less than 50 miles.  I've marked these parts with a * for your awareness. I've probably missed a lot of stuff, i'll update you if i think of anything in particular.

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Fully forged C20LET, hand built by infamous Steveboyslim with all new seals and oil pump. Covered ~6000 miles which was properly run in, off boost, for first 1000 miles. Remaining 5000 miles on road, apart from 1 track day, and run on standard turbo up to 14psi boost so never strained.  Regular oil changes and well maintained.

- C20XE block converted to C20LET
- 87.0mm Wossner forged pistons
- Steel Rods
- Under-piston oil squirters
- Sealed cylinder head with brass inserts (prevents porous issue)
- BP2076 high-torque camshafts
- Vernier cams
- Roose motorsport blue silicon hoses throughout
- New Glyco bearings, piston rings, balanced crankshaft etc when rebuilt
- Cometic metal head gasket
- ARP head stud+nut kit
- ARP main bolts
- ARP big and small end bolts
- Baffled sump with 8v gasket (no oil leaks)
- Polished aluminium cam cover and cambelt cover


- Standard ECU but with VMAX Evo5 chipset
- Apexi AVCR digital boost controller, programmable with gear specific boost control and many other functions.


- * Qrew / Maxxtuning 4x4 Transfer Box from Sweden.  Handbuilt by Qrew, whose videos are on youtube of him running this box on a 500hp calibra. This box has a 270Nm viscous coupling (vice 90Nm as standard) and has strengthened internals and a strengthened case. Works correctly with hydromechanical standard feed from 4x4 system (not a locked box). He no longer makes these and I bought it direct from Qrew, via Chip from TotalVauxhall. Covered less than 50 miles, as new.
- 4x4 system with standard propshaft and rear diff, all works fine with rear diff opened up, checked, and refitted with new oil.
- F28 6 speed gearbox, no crunches or whines.
- Lightweight flywheel
- * Helix 6 paddle clutch system
- * New hydraulic accumulator bulb and fully working hydraulic system

Fuel, Air and Turbocharger

- * KKK16 turbocharger - remanufactured in 2010 after car was sorn with invoice to prove
- Large Front Mount Intercooler
- Silicon and aluminium hard pipe for air inlet throughout from AFM to throttle body, via turbo and FMIC
- K&N induction kit
- 3'' tophat inlet
- Bailey dump valve
- Custom 2.5'' stainless exhaust system from downpipe, quad exit exhaust
- Sports catalytic converter, allows to pass MOT but with less restriction than standard cat
- * Full AN8 / AN6 stainless fuel system run inside car with anodised reusable fittings
- * 1L stainless swirl pot
- Bosch 044 high pressure fuel pump
- * Facet redtop digital lift pump
- Weber 2WD Cosworth adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- 1000micron and 100micron billet fuel filters
- Standard fuel tank as low centre of gravity
- * Fuel pressure gauge
- * Innovate wideband sensor (Lambda gauge)

Handling, Suspension and Wheels

- * Custom Gaz Gold Tarmac Motorsport coilovers - front and back, with adjustable spring height and damper bump / rebound
- * 500lb custom springs at front and 350lb custom springs at rear
- * Adjustable camber / castor top mounts
- Chassis strengthening on front top mounts and turreting / chassis strengthening at rear
- All bushes are polybushes throughout
- front strut brace
- Custom rear crossmember with additional wishbone mounting points and adjustable polybushes to change camber / castor and toe in / out
- 308mm brake upgrade at front with Tarox brake discs (hardly used) and braided brake lines.
- reconditioned rear brake calipers
- BK299 17'' alloy wheels, painted in black.
- Toyo T1R tyres
- Carbon fibre spoiler on rear of car


- Large FMIC
- Large Calibra V6 radiator
- Mocal 13 row oil cooler
- Silicone hoses throughout
- Large radiator fan with additional direct switch inside car


- Calibra modena bodykit, modified with large air inlet in front bumper and number plate recess in rear bumper. Front and Rear bumper are removed / refitted using quick release bonnet pins
- Bronze metallic paintwork with black bonnet to reduce sun glare
- Afterburner LED rear lights with one piece number-plate recess delete panel
- Projector halo headlights
- Polycarb front windows


- Interior and sound deadening removed, painted black
- Dashboard trimmed and flocked
- innovate wideband gauge, fuel pressure gauge, boost gauge, Voltmeter gauge, Oil pressure gauge, Oil temp gauge
- 2x carbon fibre corbeau revolution bucket seats
- 2x 4 point seat harnesses - blue
- Electric dead-switch for interior power, gauges, and fuel system

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Title: Re: Any ideas what my cars worth? Stickered calibra turbo track car
Post by: zodiac245 on April 11, 2017, 13:44:16 PM
It is really hard to value modified cars. I have seen track day cars, and some drift cars from anything from £1500 (often a powerful Beemer banger) to £70,000+ (highly modified RWD Escorts, Porsches, etc.). Having seen a standard 4x4 advertised at a dealers for £7,000 recently I would hazard a guess at anything from £10,000 to £15,000. Of course I may be wrong - it would be interesting to see other people's thoughts?
Title: Re: Any ideas what my cars worth? Stickered calibra turbo track car
Post by: ALZ1307 on April 11, 2017, 19:12:22 PM
I'd go 10k?
Title: Re: Any ideas what my cars worth? Stickered calibra turbo track car
Post by: tommygards on April 11, 2017, 19:21:02 PM
Thanks zodiac and Alz.  Thats a fair price range.  I could split it for spares for a lot with the quality and rareness of some of the parts, but if someone else can take it and enjoy it, plus save me the hassle of splitting it, then i'd be willing to do that.
Title: Re: Any ideas what my cars worth? Stickered calibra turbo track car
Post by: TURBOHEAD on May 27, 2017, 15:25:26 PM
Tommy.........So sorry to read this about your pride and joy ending for you like this.

Several items in your build inventory are not mentioned............e.g . What price can you put on Blood, Sweat, tears, mechanical skills etc.

It takes a strong man to let go of something that started as a dream........also a good man who pushes all that aside for his family.

It is totally understandable that you would like your car to go to a good home so I wish you luck on that.........perhaps contacting the track and racing fraternity clubs or magazines would help to offer a realistic price.  The trouble is once you start to break her it will be hard to reverse that decision.

In my view this is no ordinary Calibra turbo with a few racing gadgets.......this is way above that mate.....I personally think that you should cast your  for sale net widely and hopefully get a good fair and realistic price.

I wish you well for the future..........another thought crossed my mind.........Could you perhaps "Mothball her " to speak..?? For a while at least until you are sure of the direction you wish to go.

Kind regards and best wishes for whatever you decide to do.

Title: Re: Any ideas what my cars worth? Stickered calibra turbo track car
Post by: zodiac245 on May 28, 2017, 09:26:57 AM have a V8 rwd drift Calibra @ £6750 and a Turbo @ £7993 so £10k+ seems sensible for your car. Might be worth advertising it there at say £13500 giving yourself some room for negotiation...