Author Topic: Gaming standards to try to create Runescape better  (Read 8877 times)

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Gaming standards to try to create Runescape better
« on: February 01, 2021, 09:03:18 AM »
They would need to QA a great deal of stuff - and you already know how much QA because it is we get. Again, this is all strictly going away of like the first tech - they could have changed their stuff, and just did not ever mention it. But using the previous methods makes this sort of thing quite tough RS 2007 Gold. Another thing to note for you is that the catastrophe that is the approximately 165 Slayer Helmet's until they ditched the bewitching system that is old.

Point being, Jagex is raking in substantial gains and the output signal has been next to nill compared to what they should be doing. This is largely a problem before the entire world was hit by the Wuhan Virus happening. No - because I have responded to several others - I know that it's pretty absurd how over-monetized RS3 is, especially in the current circumstance. Unfortunately I can't suggest alternatives other than cutting back - that is contrary to the purpose of what they're trying to do (milk cash from Runescape), which isn't a possibility.

No matter how negative of a response you provide - capable of leaving Jagex products entirely, they won't create any real efforts to earn monetization better/fairer if they are not legally forced to. That being said - you'd think they would want to invest into furthering Runescape better, making matters more updated with today's gaming standards to try to create Runescape better. There was a post on here the other day about them Dealing with some other group, and everyone memeing about the way they promised to"lead the dev planet with many games" or something - which is interesting considering they are one of the worst in ridding (they are way worse, but they're extremely low on this scale anyhow ).

Due to how aggressive they are, and also the fact that you can't just outright buy some items, and instead have to gamble for them - which should be illegal, and that I doubt they're in any politician's pockets at the moment. Time will tell how that goes down. I still find it fascinating how they're always super hyped about their background - and yet they clearly didn't learn anything from it, and have tarnished their new with their community by not building off what is seen as'good' by members, and cheap RS gold instead continuing to do exactly what a sizable portion of that community disagrees with. It's their game in the long run, but if you make something unpalatable, individuals won't continue eating it forever.