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Advice and Guidance
« on: September 15, 2020, 02:20:50 AM »
Hello, new here hope this is the right topic location!
Basically my mate is selling a Calibra V6 97' manual in blue with cream leather interior, BBS wheels, spare body kit for it (he said its a factory option kit), Sunroof.

I'm quite the noobie when it comes to old Vauxhalls as I've had all VAG machines and was wondering what I should be looking out for or be prepared to fix? Its got 93,000 miles. By no means is it going to be treated like a rally car if I do buy but is there any performance mods that can be done to increase the 170Bhp standard? Although they're probably fairly nippy anyways.

What I have seen on the car is a chip in paint on the bonnet and the leather bolster on drivers side needs attention. Going by some of the advisories from its previous mot it could need new fuel lines and brake lines, it also stated there was an oil leak and seeping from the power steering system too.
Any advice or guidance is appreciated!