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full respray
« on: June 23, 2016, 21:42:52 PM »
I ready to get my project cally sprayed I was wondering if anyone knows someone who would make a top job of it around the midlands area.
I have done all the prep work i.e. removed all trim, all side windows & rub it down to original factory  primer with 180 grit initially then finished it off with 600 grit. I want to stay original with magnetic blue.
Basically it needs base coat & lacquer.
Had someone locally quote for the job but I think he never really wanted the job as he quoted £2500 -£3000 & that is with the donkey work done. :o  god knows how much it would of been with prep.

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Re: full respray
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2016, 22:45:56 PM »
I'm honestly interested in this thread because I think it depends what kind of job you want. I am planning to get my Cliff edition done, also magnetic blue,
And thinking of getting them to do all prep and I am banking on £4-5k. But where I live, maybe that's ok - not sure....

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Re: full respray
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2016, 18:20:26 PM »
I had the same problem finding a painter to do my se2 same as above i will be stripping the car down and doing some prep work my self the guy i found comes highly recommend i have seen his work top job he will be doing mine for £1500 plus £200 for paint which i think is a fair price he is that busy that my car wont be going there till at least November which works for me
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Re: full respray
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2016, 09:52:29 AM »
if painters over there are anything like down here in OZ, getting them to paint over some1 elses prep work is hard, especailly if its a backyarder doing the prep work as it makes their paint work look like sheep turd!!
i got blasted around 15yrs ago, this guy did all the prep work in his front yard on a old mazda, aksed how much id charge to run the gun over it for him, we agreed on a price and the job was done, then he carried on like a psycho that id painted "ripples and dings" into his car, and that i should have fixed anything that he'd miseed, lol, 1 of his mates a few yrs later said my painting made the bog fall out of the car!!
when its some 1's name on the final job, they will charge like a wounded bull for it, just so thay can fix anything that needs fixing,
even so, there is near a whole day in masking up a calibra (trust me, ive done it) then there is around $80 in masking material, paint booths are around $200p/h to run with power and heating, lost income from his insurance work, filters and so on, car would need around 3hrs in the booth, then there is the cost of paint, lacquer is banned near everywhere in the world now, so it would need a sealer over the top to cover up any edges and places that could cause issues with 2pak (or water based base coat) and then the color, say around 2.5lt could cost upto $300, then the reducer, around $80, then the clearcoat, around 2lt $150, then there is gun cleaner, gloves, gun filter and paint filters, cleaning agents to wipe the car down with and cloths, man it all adds up heaps,
even in my shed at home, if i were to do a closed door job like i did on my calibra (check my build thread), id still be charging around $3k with minor prep work, the materials alone cost me (i get a really good price thru my local paint store) was $600, thats a solid red with a few bits and pieces for prep, masking stuff and cleaners (i already had reducer and hardners from past projects)
then there is the after paint stuff, clean up, denibbing and buffing, man its not cheap.
ppl think running the gun over is piece of p*ss, it would take hime atleast 2 whole days start to finish, at his wages, and maybe a labourer to help, its not cheap work, or easy, if it was any idiot would do it!!
pls dont take this the wrong way, but how much do you get paid for your job?? is it working with hazardous materials??
this guy has to have licenses, storage facilities for dangourous goods, pay rent, water, power, rates, taxes, super, insurance, maintenance, then his wear and tear on tools, buying new tools, its bloody expensive, man i do it for a hobby and have around $10k in tools for spraying and panel beating, and thats just basic stuff!!