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Mailing Sent to Members
« on: May 13, 2006, 18:01:40 PM »
The following mailing was sent to existing members today - PLEASE REMEMBER that forums/messages are hidden UNLESS you reregister and sign in today! - Welcome back!

Greetings from,

We appreciate and accept that during the past 7 years has not changed to move with the times and modern advancements in forum features. was the first of its kind and with over 7000 subscribers, most definitely the biggest.

The format had remained the same due to many reasons...

1. Lack of time (I work too!)
2. Lack of funds (non profit and provided FREE!)

I was offered help and support with the site but declined due to a old acquaintance once removing all moderators and taking the site away from my control, almost bringing down - I apologise to those that offered their help and ask them now to come forward if they have the time.

HOWEVER things have CHANGED and I have now built a loyal, knowledgable, strong and enthusiastic team of moderators and website contributors that are as we speak producing guides and FAQs on the most frequent Calibra servicing and modification tasks, plus the website has an array of new and exciting features all FOR FREE, none require paid membership or payment to access...

- New MODERN look, style and design
- Unique 'Member Map' pinpointing everyones locations, visually!
- Custom Avatars and Picture Upload support
- Fun Rewards/Shop scheme for contributions/posts
- Cruise/Meet events and info arranged nationwide (free)
- Online Chat live with other users
- Full Private Messaging and Topic Notification
- Link back to the old archive
- Calendar and events features/forum
- Option for [email protected] personalised email address
- Coming in the next few days - Calibra/Users Gallery
- No politics, secrets or topics deleted without explanation...

Many more features are on their way and this time we're listening to your feedback and implementing any changes that are desired almost immediately, or at least adding those more complex changes to a wishlist.

So if you're not on there already, join up now and at least take a look, its FREE TO JOIN and a good compliment to any other Calibra websites you're already subscribed to.

We look forward to welcoming you back!

Kind regards,

Ash & the Team

p.s. You have been emailed due to being an existing registered user of, you may opt out of further emailings.
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